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Hi! If you live in the area and can be in Manhattan next week Saturday on April 26th at 1pm, SAY HI TO MY FACE. We will be meeting and hanging out at the High Line.

I texted Chris and he said:
“16th and 10th ave is the entrance. And then people take a right on the highline and it’s right there.”

Please let me know if you’re gonna come because I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be just me and Chris eating ice cream.

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Anonymous asked: You're really funny! I just recently went through some of your tweets and I actually flat out laughed at some of them. Well, that's all I have to say. Keep doing you!

thank u 

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 Mahin Fayaz

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My Hands Are Shaking by Sondre Lerche

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Throwback Thursday! Found these gems on my phone the other day. :)

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