"I don’t think you hate the audience. You delight them, but there’s this kind of thing you do with your face and your body language, and it’s kind of - you go over and bang at the piano for two seconds, and it’s jarring; and you don’t really care if they’re keeping up. You demand that they keep up. But there is this kind of look on your face where… I don’t know what it is. It could look like you don’t like the audience, or that you don’t like comedy. It’s almost like a guy who looks like he’s been possessed by comedy, and that’s how the demon plays around with you."   — Pete Holmes to Bo Burnham (©)

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Anonymous said: What the name of the song that's playing in the vlog you just posted?

"We’ll Be Okay (Part 2)" by Finish Ticket.

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You will never be As cool as a pineapple wearing sunglasses


You will never be As cool as a pineapple wearing sunglasses

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I’m awful at replying to people’s messages and YouTube comments because I always read them when I’m not in a position to answer fully, so I forget about them. 

Going through my messages/YT comments now and replying. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you get a reply from me literally months after you probably sent me anything. 

I’m bad at this. 

UPDATE: my wrists are about to fall off. so. much. TYPING.

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God is like "ball is life, my son"


God is like "ball is life, my son"

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One day I asked my girlfriend, ‘What do you fear most?’
And she said, ‘I fear that you’ll meet someone else, and you’ll leave me and I’ll be all alone.’ Then she said, ‘What do you fear most?’
And I said, ‘Bears.’
Mike Birbiglia, Sleepwalk with Me (2012)
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Behind the scenes of ‘Filibuster’

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Say ‘Hi’ to High School (I had to)

So it’s mid-August and I know a lot of you are headed back to gross lunches and those kids who always take gym class too seriously.

Overall, I have to say that my time in high school was pretty enjoyable. The classwork and standardized testing was utter bullshit, yeah, but all I can really remember is laughing a lot. And that’s all that matters to me—laughing. If I have at least one good laugh at the end of a day, I call it a good day. Therefore, try your absolute best to surround yourself with people that make you laugh and in turn, make you want to make others laugh. By the end of senior year, you could find me literally rolling on the dirty floor of my school’s main hallway in between classes because I made a joke about boners, which are fascinating to me. The fact that boners are actually a thing and are valid demonstrations of the cis male anatomy that they’re horny is fucking hilarious. It’s hard to take life too serious with boners around. I’m an adult by the way in case that fact was lost to the past few sentences. 

I will say homework and grades do matter. Your overall health and happiness, obviously, is exponentially more important. However, the type of grades you get in high school will only help you in other stages of life. I know that’s an annoying thing to preach because I agree that grades don’t accurately reflect a person’s worth, intelligence or character. Not at all. But the work ethic I developed by working relatively hard (I did in fact just play Pokémon the weeks leading up to AP tests) has made me a harder worker for things later in my life that I actually do care about. That’s useful. It also helped that I happened to have decent teachers and a genuine interest in most of the things I was learning. Don’t take an advanced class you could give two shits about. Do, however, take an advanced class if you find the subject interesting. 

And soon enough, you’re done. You won’t ever have to go back again and you’ll have more control over the company you keep, the place you live etc. Four years is nothing. And if you end up in college, you’ll understand even better the truth of that statement. 

Basically, the only thing you can and should do is try. Please do not let apathy overcome you. Please let yourself laugh at the end of everyday. And in trying, try it hard. I fucking had to end this in a semi-boner joke or else I wouldn’t be doing me. 

Much heart eyes etc etc, 
Diane Kang.

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Downtown Amsterdam at dusk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. November 2013.

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6:33am, 6:33pm.

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