I welcome any and all snacks.

I welcome any and all snacks.

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Favorite People | Jimmy Fallon

"Don’t keep reaching for the stars because you’ll just look like an idiot stretching that way for no reason."

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Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus


'Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby

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Pushing Daisies + Pie-lette

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Oh, Suzanne

As some of you know, I am currently a student at New York University. And I also recently landed myself an unpaid part-time internship with Nerdist Industries. For the rest of my week, I will be working a normal job for pay to help make ends meet. 

I’ve been currently inquiring about craigslist ads for places to sublet with a friend in Los Angeles. I chose a few that met my price range and location needs. This is what I sent: 


I’m a current undergrad at NYU  studying film/tv production and I have an internship with Nerdist Industries in L.A. this summer. My friend (who I believe is working with Nickelodeon for the summer) and I are looking to share a room since we’re both students super strapped for cash. Please let me know if you’d allow two people in a room and if the room is still available. We both will be constantly busy and out, so we shouldn’t actually take up much space at all. We’re looking to sublet (at least for me) from late-May to late-August. 
Diane Kang
To which, I got a reply questioning if I was actually a person with a genuine inquiry because apparently my message sounded like a robot spamming their inbox. What? I mean, I’ve heard a lot about princes of Nigeria but hardly ever about young asian undergrads from a dorm in lower Manhattan. I thought their response was indicative of possible problematic personalities that I might have trouble dealing with if I were to sublet from them. They wanted me to fill out a survey mostly filled with questions I already answered in my initial inquiry. So I responded:
Um I actually answered most of these questions in my initial email and I’m obviously sending this from a university address. But let me just quickly rescind my inquiry now in response to the bizarre response. 
Thanks for getting back to me, however. 
This got them pissed, however. They accused me of not even had read their ad and that I was just “fishing”—whatever that means. And they accused me of lying about having money trouble because I attend a university known for their high tuition costs. She (they turned out to be a woman) even betted me $100 that I was lying about NYU, too. $100? That’s so random and a weird way of going about any business transaction; failure or not. I don’t even have $100. I think I maybe have $30 in my bank account. So I just told her the truth:
I’m at NYU on a full academic and need-based scholarship. My dad just lost his job and has moved in with my grandparents, so as a family we are indeed “strapped for cash”. And I apologize if craigslist doesn’t allow you to read my e-mail address, for which I was actually unaware. I thought your ad was very accommodating and reasonably priced for someone who is working an unpaid internship part-time and a normal paying job for the rest of my week. Please understand I did read your ad before sending in the inquiry. 
But perhaps someone more deserving will take the space. 
I wish you all the best, Suzanne. 
Maybe Suzanne will reply. Maybe she won’t. Excuse me as I step to look out my window into the dark night to wonder what she’s doing right now. Maybe she’s thinking of me, too. Or maybe she’s feeding the broken off heads of precious childhood dolls to the vicious barracudas she undoubtedly owns…Ho hum. One can only wonder. 
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dovemans asked: tell us something you are mad about right now?

I’m not eating a hamburger. Pretty friggin’ peeved about that.

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I don’t think I’m “sassy”. I think I’m just mad a lot.

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Anonymous asked: Why is the word "ugly" in your blog name?¿ You are gorgeous and that worse doesnt describe you at all!

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